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How To Do Miami Like A Local

Refinery29 caught up recently with Cuban Blogger Sensation The Fashion Poet to discuss "How to do Miami like a local" and Nurbana Boutique made #2 on the list!

Miami is one of our country's Great Under-Appreciated Cities (I know because I live in one, too). Yes, New York and L.A. and Chicago and San Francisco are all legends for a reason. Sure, Miami's population — which hovers under half a million — is less than a 16th of NYC's. But that doesn't mean the international Florida hub isn't also diverse, fascinating, and jam-packed with things to do and see — just like its more populous northern sisters.
We're pretty well-versed in all that the Magic City has to offer, from Little Havana vibes to Art Deco hotels to that famous nightlife. But we wanted to provide you with a true insider's take, so we hit up a quintessential Miami It Girl — Annie Vazquez, a.k.a. blogging pioneer The Fashion Poet — to give us the lowdown on where the locals really eat, drink, shop, and hang in the city.
Vazquez' motto is "styling for the soul," and her roundup of Miami hotspots reflects just that: a soul-infused approach to Magic City living that is vibrant, varied, and surprisingly Zen. From coffee to kayaking to cocktails and everything in-between, this is the only guide you need in order to enjoy Miami like the locals do. Who knows? You may blend in so well, the tourists will start asking you for recommendations.
#2 Nurbana 305
"One of my go-to boutiques for loading up on locally made items," says Vazquez. "This shop carries a hodgepodge of pretty, feminine apparel mixed with some edgy, rock-'n'-roll staples. There are also home goods like soaps, candles, and beauty products." The fact that the artsy Wynwood shop (which also houses a gallery and event space) stocks local artists is just the icing on the boho-chic cake.

Nurbana 305, 2601 NW 1st Avenue #8, Miami; (305) 985-2411